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The world is rapidly changing and adapting to the new technologies which are getting developed at light’s speed (well, not literally!). Two decades ago, we shifted from no computers to computers and then the reign of the Internet began. Add to it the revolution of mobile phones in the last decade - from walky talky phones to smartphones, the entire technological spectrum has changed! Fast forward to the last five years, businesses and people are constantly preferring mobile apps over the websites which used to be the traditional go-to when one talked about the Internet.

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In today’s internet driven world, user experience has taken the front seat. More than what the brands have to offer, they are competing for their target audience’s time & attention. In such a highly competitive market scene, marketing enthusiasts are constantly coming up with ways to appeal to their target audience. This said, by rolling out an app version of your website will do you good in heaps!

However, creating an app version of your website is not where the work stops! With App Stores being flooded with apps everyday, there’s a very likely chance that your app might go unseen - “So all of the efforts went to waste?” No. This is where us - the best App Store Optimization Agency in Delhi India comes into picture.

Understanding the market trends and the obvious inclination of brands to establish their solid presence on the smartphones via mobile phone apps, with the help of our App Store Optimization Team at Akshaya Vistaar, we leverage certain tips and tricks to improve the rankings and therefore the downloads of your app.

With Akshaya Vistaar, top agency for
App Store Optimization services Delhi NCR,

  • Rank for targeted keywords in both Apple App Store & Google Play Store
  • Enhance your App’s ratings and reviews
  • Run App Install Campaigns across various platforms
  • Improve App’s download and retention rate

What makes Akshaya Vistaar the Best ASO Company in Delhi NCR?

Professional App Store Optimization Services: The best part of having an app version of your website is that it is literally a tap away, and this is exactly how close you want to be to your target audience. As the best mobile app marketing company in Delhi NCR, we ensure that your app is seen and acknowledged in a short span.

At Akshaya Vistaar, we take care of-

1. Mobile App Consultation

With the help of our expert app store management team, we go through your app and study your target audience to offer you a well-thought of consultation.



2. Mobile App Monetization

After understanding your App objective and target segment, we curate a revenue model for you to help you monetize from your app via ad space, clicks, and other proven methods.


3. Pre-launch Hype

As the best mobile app marketing agency Delhi NCR, we work at creating a buzz around launching your app to get the audience’s attention towards what your business has to offer.



4. App Audit

We go through your current app and suggest some significant changes like targeted keywords, user experience, load speed, font size among others and also fix bugs (if any) to ensure overall retention.


FAQs about App Store Marketing Services

As the audience today continues to seek the best user experience and because the world is moving towards smartphones over desktops repeatedly, you will be losing out on a huge audience potential if you don’t roll out your own app version.

Yes, all our App Store Marketing Services are based on what is the objective behind client’s app, what are their KPIs,

You can have a look at our App Store Marketing packages here

At Akshaya Vistaar, we have a separate team for managing apps’ presence in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. From the initial keyword research to online reputation activity to ensure that all the reviews are attended to, establishing a positive relationship with your users.

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